Friday, August 14, 2009

For Starters

No one should be defined by their appearance, but there is nothing wrong with our earthly decorations complimenting the person we become. Throughout this blog, we will discover some suggested essentials to making clothing, make-up, and all of those accessories that some would consider unnecessary and trivial, something that communicates more about the individual. Fashion has become too much about the market and less about you. So let us attempt to bring that element back into focus, shall we?

Item #1: The Head Scarf.

Must, must, must have in order to properly enjoy several summer activities, and perfectly compliments the day to day look. Not to mention it is wildly dramatic, and worn with a pair of bug-eye sunglasses makes the whole world think you know something that they don't. It can be worn dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
This article will come back in later entries, being that this particular accessory is very diverse in its uses, but for now we will emphasize it in a classic sense. Today I will fashion it with my little black dress, and black wedged heels. Minimalistic, but it always makes me feel invincible for some reason...

It seems promises shouldn't be made to oneself...

What is it about inner honesty that is so completely naive it morphs into a something that is almost as crippling as a lie? Do we have to learn to be objective? Yes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a new beginning

So my crazy friend Aimee convinced me to do this silly blog.
A blog on life, Pittsburgh, and fashion.
We're trying to get a little fashion syndicate going here -- and Aimee's the crazy one behind it.

Check her out here, and please enjoy what I humbly have to offer here!